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Aaron VanKempen


Hello!  My name is Aaron VanKempen, and I am an Algebra 1 and Statistics teacher here at Tate High School!  I am originally from Grand Rapids, MI, but then I attended college in the south at a small school called Piedmont University and I haven't turned back!  This is my 3rd year of teaching, and I am passionate about Math and, more importantly, seeing students learn and grow their mathematical skills.  I am very excited for everything the '21-22 school year has in store, and I will strive to help all students reach new heights.


Go Aggies!


1st Period: Algebra 1

2nd Period: Honors Probability and Statistics

3/4th Period: Algebra 1 A/B

5/6th Period: Algebra 1 A/B

7th Period: Planning