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Clint Peacock

US History Honors

Objectives and Primary Focus of Course

This course is designed to give students an in-depth look at our History as Americans.  US History is a record of the adventures, obstacles, failures and, most importantly, our triumphs as a people.  By studying our History, you can understand the past and recognize its contribution to our present and future.  US History encompasses broad historical concepts and geographical themes that chronicle the development of our nation.  To achieve success in this class, we will be employing a Chromebook, an eTextbook, historical film clips, writing assignments, lectures and projects to better understand and appreciate our Nation’s rich and diverse history. This is an Honors Level Course – taught at a higher level. With an emphasis on reading and online assignments, this course will require a considerable workload in both reading outside of the classroom in your eTextbook and completing online assignments WEEKLY and FAILURE to complete the assigned lesson readings will greatly diminish your chances of achieving success. My goal is to prepare you to pass the US History End-of-Course Exam.

Grading Procedures

Everything that you submit online to me will be graded and uploaded to FOCUS promptly.  You will have at least 7 tests every nine weeks (one every week or two) that will cover material found in your eTextbook, lectures in class, material read outside of the classroom and film clips we watch.  Tests will always be online through SCHOOLNET and will be announced as well as posted in advance.  If you have an excused absence on the day of the test, I will schedule a make-up THAT WEEK (any unexcused absence on test day will result in a grade no better then 50%) – Exams will count for 40% of your grade.  Once every grading period, I will assign research projects that will help you better understand and interpret the historical themes we will be covering. Projects will be graded with a rubric – Projects will count for 25% of your grade. As we work through the 13 Topics in the eTextbook, you will be assigned weekly online homework assignments to aid in your understanding of the material, and you will submit all completed work through Pearson Realize. These assignments are due the DAY OF THE EXAM and will NOT be graded if submitted late. All online assignments have a window of time to be completed and, once closed, assignments cannot be submitted. Your lowest online assignment grade will be dropped each 9 weeks – Online Assignments will count for 35% of your grade.

Class Policies and Procedures

Tate’s attendance and tardy policies will be enforced in my class.  Students will come to class everyday prepared for both lecture and class discussion – prepared means having a charged Chromebook with you in class every day.  Failure to have a working and charged Chromebook will result in a zero if assignments or tests are due that day. When the bell rings, I expect students to be seated in their assigned seat and ready for the day’s work. Passes are given out for emergencies ONLY.  Use the restroom during class change, not during class – 10/10 Rule.  Phones will not be used or out during class – put them away and keep them silent. Disorder, disrespect, and defiance in my classroom will be treated in accordance with the Students Rights and Responsibilities Handbook. In order for everyone to learn in a productive environment, each person must follow the classroom rules and treat everyone with dignity and respect.  ***Social Distancing Protocols will be strictly enforced and students may wear a mask during class***

Instructional Materials & Staying Informed

You will need your Chromebook (with earbuds) powered and ready to use every day! Our goal is a paperless classroom and your copy of Pearson’s United States History will be assigned to you digitally through Pearson Realize. It will be your responsibility to stay on top of your course workload by doing all your weekly readings and online assignments – CHECK our Online Classroom frequently and DON’T ignore due dates! We will have both a Google Classroom and a REMIND Group, so check both often. I hope this class will not only help you better understand your nation’s rich history, but will also help prepare you for any college course work in your future.