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Follow Our Class on Instagram: @AggieEnglish
Follow Our Class on Instagram: @AggieEnglish

Jonathan Peacock

What Will the Next "Journey" Field Trip Be? Stay Tuned!

The "Journey" field trip series is an annual English Department sponsored trip to a unique learning experience. Details for the 2020-2021 journey will be available in the Spring.





Google Classroom Codes

Use the following codes to join the Google Classroom for your period:


2nd (English 3): bhf91eq


3rd (DE): mf32ck


4th (English 2): x7ez1t


5th (English 2): yr7p9zn


6th (English 3): to8bq12


7th (English 3): e36yd7g


Please note--12th Grade Dual Enrollment students will enroll in both Google Classroom and Canvas (Canvas access is provided through Pensacola State College)


Hello and welcome to my home page!  Please use this site as a resource to get to know more about me, my classes, and my areas of study.  If you need to contact me, please email me at