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Mr. J Peacock--12th Grade Dual Enrollment English and 10th Grade English II
Mr. Peacock--12th Grade Dual Enrollment and 10th Grade English

Course Syllabi

Follow Our Class on Instagram: @AggieEnglish
Follow Our Class on Instagram: @AggieEnglish

Jonathan Peacock

Major Assignment Extension Requests

Students may submit requests for assignment extensions. Extensions are rare and are granted on a case-by-case basis. Extensions may be denied for any reason and should not be considered automatic.


Students are always encouraged to speak to Mr. Peacock about an extension first before submitting this form. No extensions may be granted without first speaking to Mr. Peacock and submitting this form.


Excused absences do NOT change the due date of major assignments (essays, projects, etc). If a student is absent, on the day an assignment is due, he or she must submit an extension request for the major assignment if the assignment will be late. Extensions for major assignments due to absences are not guaranteed and are not automatic.


Click this link to access the extension request form


Google Classroom Codes

Use the following codes to join the Google Classroom for your period:


1st (DE): fss73k

2nd (DE): lls5xdu

3rd (Eng. II): 5g2vd2

4th (Eng. II): 89bkfu

5th (Eng. II): ai6f5i

7th (DE): nkzazj


Please note--12th Grade Dual Enrollment students will enroll in both Google Classroom and Canvas (Canvas access is provided through Pensacola State College)

Vocabulary Lists

Dual Enrollment Resources



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