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Innovation Center

Policies and Procedures

  • All book bags are to be left in the main foyer upon entering the Innovations Center.

  • Students are admitted to the Innovations Center with an official pass only. Passes must be signed by a releasing teacher. Students without an official pass will be dismissed from the library and sent back to class. Each student must have a separate pass. Small groups of 5 or less may visit the center without a teacher.

  • Students are allowed to check out a maximum of 3 books. A late fee of $.25 per book, per day will be assessed for overdue materials.

  • Each student is responsible for materials checked out in his/her name.

  • All records must be free of fines and/or replacement costs to check out additional materials. Students are responsible for all fines, damaged, or lost materials.

  • Gum, food, drinks, and personal grooming are NOT allowed in the Innovation Center. Tables, computer sites, and chairs/stools should be left in order after use and upon leaving the center.

  • When entering the Innovations Center, students are required to sign in at the table located at the entrance. Only one student is allowed in the restroom at a time.

  • The library circulation desk is off limits to all students with the exception of library assistants.

  • Classes may be scheduled in the Innovation Center. Scheduling for the main library floor area must be done by the Media Specialist. This includes usage for classes checking out books and classes utilizing work areas. 

  • Teachers may utilize the Ellison Die Cutting Machine for bulletin boards. Please contact Media Specialist for use. 

  • After school hour reservations for the faculty must be scheduled via the Media Specialist with a 24 hr notice request.

  • Frequent use of the Innovations Center is encouraged!

Recommended Research Sites

Ask Jeeves

Campus Information:
College Scouting          Campus Tours

Digital Primary Sources:
Library of Congress
Florida Memory Project
Holocaust Museum in Tampa
Gilder Lehrmann
Teaching History
Discover Education (streaming)
NBC Learn
National Archives
Florida Digital Educators
FYI- Pictures on ebay are not copyrighted!
PBS: - primary sources & contemporary u.s. history
Weekly use of digital primary sources boosts FCAT scores!

District Media Services: an online resource containing links to useful district and state library media and textbook related resources. This site contains pages related to research and information literacy, information connections, forms, and contact information. Find us at Media Services or on the district web site under the Departments link.

Financial Aid:
Go College          FACTS                   FastWeb

Florida Electronic Library: multiple online databases that include references, periodicals, and other information resources. This resources requires a state of Florida library card and a remote access password: aggie

Google Books: A search engine that contains book records, previews, and eBooks. This site also contains links to related reviews, resources, and local libraries carrying the requested books.

Google Scholar: a Google search engine limited to scholarly literature including peer-reviewed papers, articles, theses, university resources, and professional publications.

Princeton Review

Scholarships: FastWeb          CollegeBoard

School Librarian Resources

Student Research:
GrAdeSaver          Research Paper
Research Guide for Students

Tests: ACT

Internet Public Library: an online reference resource sponsored by Florida State University, Drexel university, and University of Michigan library/information science programs. This site includes age-specific resources: KidSpace and TeenSpace.

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Maryjane Gardner
Media Specialist
(850) 937-5509