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Rick Scott has named J.M. Tate High School's Game, Simulation, and Animation Academy as Escambia County School District's High School Career Academy of the Year! Click here to see the full message.

Business Technology

The mission of the Business Department is to provide students with opportunities to develop and refine the skills, knowledge, and behaviors that are requisite for employment in a cluster of business occupations or in a specific occupation chosen as a career objective. Congruent to all programs are the identified economic concepts and leadership activities which enable the individual to function as a consumer, voter, worker, and leader in the American business system.


Digital Information Technology - This business technology core course is designed to provide a basic overview of current business and information systems and trends and to introduce students to the basics and foundations required for today's business environments. Emphasis is placed on developing proficiency with touch keyboarding and fundamental computer applications, so that they may be used as communication tools for enhancing personal and work place proficiency in an information-based society. This also includes proficiency with computers using databases, spreadsheets, presentation applications, and the integration of these programs using software that meets industry standards.

Digital Design I, II, III - Students will develop basic entry-level skills required for careers in the digital publishing industry. The content includes computer skills, digital publishing concepts and operations; layout, designs, and measurement activities; decision-making activities; and digital imaging.

Diversified Career Technology (OJT) - Students work in paid positions under the direction of the employer and the DCT teacher/coordinator. The job helps students gain job performance skills, display an acceptable level of productivity, demonstrate ethical practices, follow directions, interact with employers and co-workers, interact with customers and clients, and display a positive attitude toward the job.

Diversified Career Technology Principles (DCT 1) - This course includes competencies designed to cover employability skills, communication and computational skills, leadership skills, interpersonal, problem-solving, and decision-making skills, technical skills, and specific occupational information. Students must join the state club, Cooperative Education Clubs of Florida.

Game Simulation and Animation Academy - This course curriculum prepares graduates to obtain entry-level positions in the gaming software industry and/or continue their post-secondary education. The GSAA provides an overview in gaming math and physics, programming fundamentals, game design, and 2D and 3D animation. Students will participate in a variety of software development roles across the game-programming life cycle. Students can also earn post-secondary credit and/or participate in a workplace experience.

Web Design I, II, III - This course provides advanced concepts for Internet, Intranet, and Web design. The content includes operating systems, basic HTML commands; includes Internet/Intranet tools, Web site promotion, advanced HTML commands, advanced page design, and multimedia applications navigation of the Intranet and Web; and Web page design.

Gold Seal Information
Upon completion of a program, students will receive a certificate of completion. In addition, students may also qualify for the Florida Bright Future Gold Seal Scholarship.

Gold Seal Scholarship Criteria
3.5 in a minimum of three credits in any one vocational program
3.0 in best 15.5 core credits required for high school graduation

ACT: English - 17, Reading - 18, Math - 19
CPT: Reading - 83, Sentence Skills - 83, Algebra - 72
SAT: Verbal - 440, Math - 440
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