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Future Business Leaders of America


To promote business and educational cooperation through leadership and career development. Students looking to join must be enrolled in a Business Technology Education class with evidence of positive professional conduct as well as maintaining a minimum 2.5 GPA.

President: Sunny Maher
Vice President of Membership: Garryson Newsom
Vice President of Competition: Hailey Dukes
Secretary: Shelby Phillips
Treasurer: Skylar Smith
Historian: Jonathan Hodge
Parliamentarian: Phillip Ronnlog
Janice Courson Email:  
Thomas Maher

2018-2019 Competitions

Skylar Smith 2nd Agribusiness
Lauren Mills 1st Business Communications
David Kretzer 4th Computer Problem Solving
Adam Lee 2nd Cyber Security
Kourtney Shiver 1st Cyber Security

Lane Hodge,

Jonathan Hodge,

Donny Phan


2nd Digital Video Production

Cole Stokes 2nd Economics
Joseph Kalb 3rd Economics

Julia Jimenez,

Alysha Lollie,

Meghan Petro


3rd Graphic Design

Kyler Nielson 4th Graphic Design
Mia O'Hara 1st Graphic Design
Aidan Sloman 1st Help Desk
Teaun Turner 2nd Intro to Information Technology
Ashley Strength 4th Introduction to Business
Alyssa Gray 1st Introduction to Business Communication
Mia Morehouse 2nd Introduction to Business Communication
Ayden Schrader 1st Introduction to Financial Math
Dyhan Patel 2nd Introduction to Financial Math
Tyler Isaak 3rd Introduction to Financial Math
Michael Higgins 4th Introduction to Financial Math
Jaiden Silvers 2nd Journalism

Christoper Espy,

Garryson Newsom,

Phillip Ronnlof


1st Network Design 

Ansley Roberts 2nd Political Science
Cason Forst 3rd Political Science
Dylon Samojedny 1st Public Service Announcement
Nya Craig 2nd Public Speaking
Sunny Maher and Gracie Vega 1st Publication Design
Hailey Dukes and Heaven Pittman 1st Website Design