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August 2018 Brianna Hall & Ezekiel Goodwin
September 2018 Bristal Aaron & Ben Farina
October 2018  Raliegha Heard & Sean Banks
November 2018 Gustavo Pineda-Mendoza & Layah Seals
December 2018 Stephanie Florian & Jake Estes
January 2019 Carter Pitts & Jordan Baker-Williams
February 2019 Seydou Hanne & Katherine Cavanaugh


Date Organization Achievement
7/25/18 Game, Simulation, and Animation Academy Named Escambia County School District's High School Career Academy of the year.


Year Students

Jessica Alvarado
Julia Banta
Rachel Bethea
Amanda Breeden
Lauren Brown
Gracie Cole
John Dixon
Jazmine Endress
Denver Forbush
Cason Forst
Faith Grover
Kara Killam
Kaden King
Abbigale McCammon
Yaseen Moftaqir
Patrick Palmer
Michael Potts
Jazmyn Quarrels
Cynthia Reichelderfer
Hunter Riggan
Kasey Scott
Lauren Seibert
Elijah Shinnick
Grace Ann Tara
Emily Werkeiser
Emma Williams
Joseph Zayszly

Date Organization Name Achievement
1/18/19 HOSA Nandini Shah 1st Medical Assisting
1/18/19 HOSA Ines DaSilva 1st Clinical Nursing
1/18/19 HOSA Taylor Barnes and Mackenzie Kent 2nd Health Career Display
1/18/19 HOSA Hayley Brock and Kiara Turner 2nd Forensic Medicine
1/18/19 HOSA Daniel Davis 2nd Medical Law and Ethics
1/18/19 HOSA Carlie Boswell 3rd Sports Medicine
1/18/19 HOSA Kasidy Butler 3rd Pharmacology
1/18/19 HOSA Jordana Jernigan 3rd Clinical Specialty
1/18/19 HOSA Ethan Middleton 3rd Biomedical Lab Science
1/18/19 HOSA Eleanor Fogle 4th Nutrition
1/18/19 HOSA Elise Grissom 4th Dental Science
1/18/19 HOSA Camille Macks 4th Behavioral Health
1/18/19 HOSA Ben Ferguson 5th Nurse Assisting
1/18/19 HOSA Emma Folk 5th Behavioral Health
1/18/19 HOSA Allison Rice and Avery Young 5th Health Career Display
1/24/19 FBLA Skylar Smith 2nd Agribusiness
1/24/19 FBLA Lauren Mills 1st Business Communications
1/24/19 FBLA David Kretzer 4th Computer Problem Solving
1/24/19 FBLA Adam Lee 2nd Cyber Security
1/24/19 FBLA Kourtney Shiver 1st Cyber Security
1/24/19 FBLA

Lane Hodge, 

Jonathan Hodge, 

Donny Phan

2nd Digital Video Production
1/24/19 FBLA Cole Stokes 2nd Economics
1/24/19 FBLA Joseph Kalb 3rd Economics
1/24/19 FBLA

Julia Jimenez, 

Alysha Lollie, 

Meghan Petro

3rd Graphic Design
1/24/19 FBLA Kyler Nielson 4th Graphic Design
1/24/19 FBLA Mia O'Hara 1st Graphic Design
1/24/19 FBLA Aidan Sloman 1st Help Desk
1/24/19 FBLA Teaun Turner 2nd Intro to Information Technology
1/24/19 FBLA Ashley Strength 4th Introduction to Business
1/24/19 FBLA Alyssa Gray 1st Introduction to Business Communication
1/24/19 FBLA Mia Morehouse 2nd Introduction to Business Communication
1/24/19 FBLA
Ayden Schrader  
1st Introduction to Financial Math
1/24/19 FBLA Dyhan Patel 2nd Introduction to Financial Math
1/24/19 FBLA Tyler Isaak 3rd Introduction to Financial Math
1/24/19 FBLA Michael Higgins 4th Introduction to Financial Math
1/24/19 FBLA Jaiden Silvers 2nd Journalism
1/24/19 FBLA

Christoper Espy, 

Garryson Newsom, 

Phillip Ronnlof

1st Network Design 
1/24/19 FBLA Ansley Roberts 2nd Political Science
1/24/19 FBLA Cason Forst 3rd Political Science
1/24/19 FBLA Dylon Samojedny 1st Public Service Announcement
1/24/19 FBLA Nya Craig 2nd Public Speaking
1/24/19 FBLA Sunny Maher and Gracie Vega 1st Publication Design
1/24/19 FBLA Hailey Dukes and Heaven Pittman 1st Website Design


Art Jolie Kennedy

2nd Drawing 

2/2019 Art Raegan Tainter 2nd Photography/Digital Arts 
2/2019 Art Michelle Luther 3rd 3-Dimensional Works
2/4/2019 English Mr Peacocks Classes Literacy Week Door Decorating Contest
3/12/19 Choir Cantus

Superior in Sight Reading

Excellent on Stage

3/12/19 Choir Vocal Ensemble

Superior in Sight Reading

Superior on Stage 

3/14/19 Orchestra    Overall Superiors 
5/2/19 Academic Team

Maggie Brown,
Michael Dixon,
Jackson Chatwood,
Carter Pitts,
Emmalei Miller,
Gabriella Gryskiewicz

1st in JV Division at the
Mount Carmel Invitational Tournament
in New Orleans
Date Student Achievement
March 2019 Aidan Sloman Escambia County's Career Academy Student of the Year
May 2019 Braden Boutwell Invited to & competed in the NAQT Individual Player National Championship Tournament in Chicago
May 2019  
Maggie Brown Invited to & competed in the NAQT Individual Player National Championship Tournament in Chicago
Students Achievement
Varsity Cheerleaders Florida State FHSAA Cheerleading Championship Winners!
Date Teacher


April 2019 Clyde Abney Named Pensacola News Journal's area High School Boys Basketaball Coach of the Year
Dec. 2018 Austin Courson Top 5 Finalist for Escambia County Teacher of the Year
Oct. 2018 Robin Blalock Awarded as Florida Social Studies Teacher of the Year
Jan. 2017 Steven Tuley Received the George Washington Honor Medal
March 2017 Cynthia Domulot Received honors from Robert Pisz, chair of the volunteer advisory board at the National Naval Aviation Museum, for their performance at the December 7th World War Two Remembrance Program.
Oct. 2016 Stefany Tompkins 2016 Grants for Excellence Recipient - $5000, to be used for a 3D Printer
April 2016 Greg Blackmon Won his 300th game as coach of the Tate Baseball teams.
Jan. 2016 Caroline Gray Candidate for Escambia County Teacher of the Year 2017
May 2014 Andrew Baggett Received the TWW Teacher of the Year award
Jan. 2014 Stephen Duckworth Awarded $4,000 by Play 60
Oct. 2013 Mitzi Allen 2013 Grants for Excellence Recipient
Oct. 2012 Robin Blalock 2012 Grants for Excellence Recipient
Oct. 2012 John Hannon 2012 Grants for Excellence Recipient
May 2012 Linda Ralph Early Childhood Education Academy Instructor of the Year
May 2011 Janice Courson NRF Foundation's National Professional Certification in Customer Service
Mar. 2011 Gene Seales Lifetime Achievement Award for Career Education of Florida
Oct. 2010 Cynthia Reeves Florida Scholastic Press Association Teacher of the Year - District 1
Mar. 2010 Janice Courson Microsoft Certified Application Specialist - PowerPoint
Mar. 2010 Judy Julian Official Child Development Associate Advisor
Mar. 2010 Linda Ralph Official Child Development Associate Advisor
Feb. 2010 Mike Varner Escambia County Teacher of the Year
Dec. 2009 Carolyn Stallworth Microsoft Certified Application Specialist - Word
Dec. 2009 Carolyn Stallworth Microsoft Certified Application Specialist - Excel
Nov. 2009 Janice Courson Microsoft Certified Application Specialist - Word 2007
May 2009 Robin Blalock Escambia County Social Studies Teacher of the Year
May 2009 Robin Blalock Florida Council for Social Studies Outstanding Teacher
May 2009 Janice Courson Florida FBLA Advisor Hall of Fame
Mar. 2009 Carolyn Stallworth Adobe Photoshop Certified Expert
2008 - 2009 Joe Hooten Oliver Hobbs Award
2005 - 2006 Kelly Krostag National Board Certified Teacher
May 2005 Janice Courson Escambia Association for Career & Technical Education Teacher of the Year
May 2005 Mike Varner Florida Outstanding Biology Teacher
2003 - 2004 Beverly Vincent National Board Certified Teacher
1991 - 1992 Joe Hooten Phi Beta Mu Outstanding Band Master Award
Date Teacher


2019 - 2020 Austin Courson Agriculture
2018 - 2019 Alton "Dale" Gilmore Social Studies
2017 - 2018 Ursula LaMontagne Reading
2016 - 2017 Caroline Gray Social Studies
2015 - 2016 Tristan Harris Social Studies
2014 - 2015 Brian Caldwell Social Studies
2013 - 2014 Charles Milstead Math
2011 - 2012 Alan Culp Science
2010 - 2011 Sheri Chivington ESE
2009 - 2010 Mike Varner Science
2008 - 2009 Linda Leggett English
2007 - 2008 Alan Culp Science
2006 - 2007 Robin Venetozzi English
2005 - 2006 Joe Hooten Band
2002 - 2003 Carolyn Stallworth Business
2000 - 2001 Kelly Krostag English