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Faculty & Staff

Contact Laurie Bedford  Laurie Bedford ex: 225 Assistant Principal
Contact Deborah Long  Deborah Long ex: 226 Assistant Principal
Contact Rick Shackle  Rick Shackle ex: 224 Principal
Contact Clyde Abney  Clyde Abney ex: 247 Dean, Varsity Head Basketball Coach
Contact Paul Ashford  Paul Ashford ex: 248 Dean
Contact Greg Blackmon  Greg Blackmon ex: 246 Dean
Contact Tony Gage  Tony Gage ex: 258 Behavioral Specialist
Contact Elaine Shores  Elaine Shores ex: 245 Dean
Guidance Counselors
Contact Christy Mills  Christy Mills ex: 234 Junior Guidance Counselor
Contact Jennifer Moore  Jennifer Moore ex: 283 Senior Guidance Counselor
Contact Karen Porter  Karen Porter ex: 232 Testing Coordinator
Contact Chester Stanhope  Chester Stanhope ex: 231 Sophomore Guidance Counselor
Contact Renee Willis  Renee Willis ex: 280 Freshman Guidance Counselor
Contact Clyde Abney  Clyde Abney ex: 247 Dean, Varsity Head Basketball Coach
Contact Douglas Allen  Douglas Allen Teacher
Contact Phoebe Allen  Phoebe Allen Teacher
Contact Gail Atkins  Gail Atkins (850) 937-2327 Yearbook Sponsor
Contact Andrew Baggett  Andrew Baggett Teacher
Contact Zachary Ballard  Zachary Ballard Teacher
Contact Laura Baltazar  Laura Baltazar Teacher
Contact Robin Blalock  Robin Blalock Teacher
Contact David Bonucchi  David Bonucchi Teacher
Contact Robert Brabham  Robert Brabham (850) 937-2316 Multi Media Academy
Contact Kelly Bragg  Kelly Bragg Teacher
Contact Brian Caldwell  Brian Caldwell Teacher
Contact Sheri Chivington  Sheri Chivington Teacher
Contact Ernest Clark  Ernest Clark Teacher
Contact Rebecca Cole  Rebecca Cole Teacher
Contact Austin Courson  Austin Courson (850) 937-2300 ex: 603 Teacher
Contact Janice Courson  Janice Courson ex: 238 DCT Coordinator
Contact Olivia Criswell  Olivia Criswell Teacher
Contact Alan Culp  Alan Culp Dept. Chair - Science
Contact Patricia Cummins  Patricia Cummins Teacher
Contact Kelly Davis  Kelly Davis Teacher
Contact Cynthia Domulot  Cynthia Domulot ex: 274 Dept. Chair - Music
Contact Eileen Doss  Eileen Doss Teacher
Contact Stephen Duckworth  Stephen Duckworth ex: 263 ROTC
Contact Robyn Dunn  Robyn Dunn Teacher
Contact Brittany Dunson  Brittany Dunson Teacher
Contact Mona Evans-Chavers  Mona Evans-Chavers Teacher
Contact Emmalee Fournier  Emmalee Fournier Teacher
Contact James Gallacher  James Gallacher Teacher
Contact Melissa Gibbs  Melissa Gibbs (850) 937-2308 Dept. Chair - Ag.
Contact Nikki Gill  Nikki Gill ex: 277 Early Childcare Coordinator
Contact Dale Gilmore  Dale Gilmore (850) 937-2325 ex: 291 Teacher/Athletics Director
Contact Dana Gilmore  Dana Gilmore Teacher
Contact Tena Gindl  Tena Gindl ex: 288 Teacher
Contact Michele Givens  Michele Givens Teacher
Contact Christa Godwin  Christa Godwin Teacher
Contact Caroline Gray  Caroline Gray Student Council
Contact Cyprienne Gryskiwicz  Cyprienne Gryskiwicz Teacher
Contact John Hannon  John Hannon Teacher
Contact Tristan Harris  Tristan Harris Teacher
Contact Barbara Hogan  Barbara Hogan Teacher
Contact Lynne Hood  Lynne Hood ex: 236 Reading Coach
Contact Rebecca Horn  Rebecca Horn Teacher
Contact Sherry Howard  Sherry Howard Teacher
Contact Tim Huggins  Tim Huggins Teacher
Contact Mark Humphreys  Mark Humphreys Teacher
Contact Laura Jennings  Laura Jennings Teacher
Contact Lee Jennings  Lee Jennings Teacher
Contact Karl Jernigan  Karl Jernigan Teacher
Contact Ashley Kemp  Ashley Kemp Teacher
Contact Pamela Killebrew  Pamela Killebrew Dept. Chair - Social Studies
Contact Karl King  Karl King Teacher
Contact Rebecca Kirchharr  Rebecca Kirchharr Teacher
Contact Patricia Knoll  Patricia Knoll ex: 270 Dept. Chair - Math
Contact Roland Kyser  Roland Kyser ex: 262 ROTC Teacher
Contact Erin Lawall  Erin Lawall ex: 603 Vet Academy
Contact Linda Leggett  Linda Leggett Teacher
Contact Evangeline Leventhal  Evangeline Leventhal Teacher
Contact Jay Lindsey  Jay Lindsey Varsity Head Football Coach
Contact Stacye Litton  Stacye Litton Teacher
Contact Karen MacDonald  Karen MacDonald Teacher
Contact Thomas Maher  Thomas Maher Gaming Academy
Contact Heather Maxwell  Heather Maxwell ex: 272 Technology Coordinator
Contact Maria McKenna  Maria McKenna Teacher
Contact Charles Milstead  Charles Milstead Teacher
Contact Jennifer Moore  Jennifer Moore ex: 283 Senior Guidance Counselor
Contact Chelsie Mulholland  Chelsie Mulholland Teacher
Contact Cynthia Murphy  Cynthia Murphy Teacher
Contact Minette Nodhturft  Minette Nodhturft Teacher
Contact James Nunnelee  James Nunnelee ex: 603 Teacher
Contact Clint Peacock  Clint Peacock (850) 937-2313 SEB Sponsor
Contact Jonathan Peacock  Jonathan Peacock Teacher
Contact Hytza Piatt  Hytza Piatt Teacher
Contact Stephanie Price  Stephanie Price Teacher
Contact Bobby Reyes  Bobby Reyes Teacher
Contact John Reynolds  John Reynolds Teacher
Contact Susan Richter  Susan Richter Teacher
Contact Jennifer Rodriguez  Jennifer Rodriguez ex: 601 Teacher
Contact Susan Saltmarsh  Susan Saltmarsh Teacher
Contact Lisa Sarfert  Lisa Sarfert Teacher
Contact Scherry Sherrill  Scherry Sherrill Aggie Stable - Sponsor
Contact Patches Simon  Patches Simon Teacher
Contact Scotty Skaggs  Scotty Skaggs Teacher
Contact Barbara (Lynn) Smith  Barbara (Lynn) Smith Teacher
Contact Dalton Smith  Dalton Smith Teacher
Contact Valerie Smith  Valerie Smith Teacher
Contact Samantha Smyth-Chandler  Samantha Smyth-Chandler Teacher
Contact Chester Stanhope  Chester Stanhope ex: 231 Sophomore Guidance Counselor
Contact Crystal Stevens  Crystal Stevens Teacher
Contact Joseph Surratt  Joseph Surratt Teacher
Contact Aaron Telatovich  Aaron Telatovich Teacher
Contact Pat Thomason  Pat Thomason Teacher
Contact Stephanie Tompkins  Stephanie Tompkins ex: 284 Innovation Center - Teacher
Contact Julie Tourney  Julie Tourney Teacher
Contact Steve Tuley  Steve Tuley Teacher
Contact Suzanne Tuzzeo  Suzanne Tuzzeo Teacher
Contact Kathryn Venettozzi  Kathryn Venettozzi Teacher
Contact Beverly Vincent  Beverly Vincent Teacher
Contact Nancy Viviano  Nancy Viviano Teacher
Contact Elerene Walters  Elerene Walters ex: 603 Teacher
Contact Amy Webb  Amy Webb Teacher
Contact Rachael Webb  Rachael Webb Teacher
Contact Aubre White  Aubre White Teacher
Contact Jodi White  Jodi White Teacher
Contact Christopher Whitty  Christopher Whitty Teacher
Contact Annie Wiggins  Annie Wiggins Teacher
Contact Sydney Wilkerson  Sydney Wilkerson ex: 256 Dept. Chair - ESE
Contact Frank Williamson  Frank Williamson Teacher
Contact Renee Willis  Renee Willis ex: 280 Freshman Guidance Counselor
Contact Jakob Wisdom  Jakob Wisdom ex: 251 Band Director
Contact Rachel Wisdom  Rachel Wisdom Teacher
Contact Pamela Wright  Pamela Wright Teacher
Contact Melinda Wyatt  Melinda Wyatt ex: 241 Dept. Chair - P. E.
Contact Kelly Young  Kelly Young Dept. Chair - English

Teacher of the Year

2019 - 2020     Austin Courson
2018 - 2019     Alton "Dale" Gilmore
2017 - 2018     Ursula LaMontagne
2016 - 2017     Caroline Gray
2015 - 2016     Tristan Harris
2014 - 2015     Brian Caldwell
2013 - 2014     Charles Milstead
2011 - 2012     Alan Culp
2010 - 2011     Sheri Chivington
2009 - 2010    
Mike Varner
2008 - 2009     Linda Leggett  
2006 - 2007     Robin Venetozzi
2005 - 2006     Joe Hooten
2002 - 2003     Carolyn Stallworth
2000 - 2001     Kelly Krostag